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Access Control Systems

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Beyond securing your physical space with locks and keys, Keyenzy partnering with thousands of trusted locksmiths across India, provides access security solutions for homes, businesses, and even vehicles.

Imagine controlling access to your home with a personalized code or fingerprint, granting entry to trusted individuals while restricting unwanted visitors. In your business, imagine streamlining employee access, restricting sensitive areas, and tracking entry and exit logs for enhanced security and accountability.

Our access control system service offers a range of access control installations to suit your needs, from basic keypad entry systems to advanced biometric solutions like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition.

Our experienced locksmith will assess your specific requirements and recommend the ideal security and access control system, ensuring seamless integration and user-friendly operation.

Introduction of Access Control System

An access control system (ACS) is a type of security system that controls who or what has access to your property.  It identifies which entities have access to a controlled facility based on the validity of their credentials.

An ACS is essentially a physical operation used in high-security environments such as data centers, government/military institutes, and similar facilities.

Typically, an ACS oversees, monitors, and controls human access to the protected equipment or area. Most ACSs are designed to accept a user-provided credential, verify/authenticate privileges using an access control list (ACL), and grant/deny access based on the results.

Popular access control examples, using biometric security, an access control system can grant only legitimate access to a data center facility. Individuals have to provide their thumbprint, focal, or vocal credentials to an ACS, which will verify them against its database and grant access only with legitimate permission.

Different Types of Access Control Systems

At Keyenzy, our locksmith specializes in installing different kinds of access control systems, allowing individuals as well as businesses to choose according to their preferences.

  • Key Card and Key Fob Systems: Key Card door lock systems use a swipe card or key fob with a chip that allows entry when scanned by a reader. Key fob systems for business are a popular choice due to their price and scalability.

  • Keypad Access Control Systems: Entry is granted by punching in a correct PIN code on a keypad. They offer a good balance between security and ease of use.

  • Biometric Access Control Systems: Biometric access control systems are high-security access control systems that rely on unique physical characteristics like fingerprints or iris scans for identification. They're best suited for areas requiring maximum security.

  • Smart Locks: These internet-connected door access control systems can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app. They offer flexibility and convenience.

Aside from access control system installation, our locksmith can also help you advise on choosing the right system based on your security needs and budget. They’ll handle the installation of the reader, keypad, or biometric scanner hardware ensuring proper integration with your doors.

Who Uses Access Control Systems

Access control systems are normally designed to be used for security in various ways. As a result, this system is beneficial to anyone who needs security. Several industries can benefit from access control systems, including:


Access control systems enable healthcare providers to keep patients' health information private and in accordance with HIPAA requirements. Doctor's offices, insurance firms, and hospitals all use access control systems.

Advanced access systems can safeguard IT rooms or equipment racks from unauthorized access, hence ensuring digital data security. They can also protect physical files, clinic rooms, and equipment such as MRI machines. When storing chemicals or biomedical waste, access control systems can keep untrained workers safe.


Any business that accepts and processes credit cards must adhere to PCI data security standards. A door access control system for offices can also restrict access to IT rooms and servers. They can track who accesses specific data and when which helps to further protect the information.


Schools, particularly universities with extensive campuses, require multi-location security measures. Access control systems make managing entry easy. They can keep students out of faculty parking lots, unauthorized visitors out of dorm rooms, and so on. If you have lab equipment or pricey computers, access control systems can be set to guarantee that only students registered for the appropriate courses have access to these locations.


Local and state governments prioritize security. Government buildings are subject to Homeland Security regulations, which may include admission restrictions. Access control systems can verify staff and restrict access to departments, private information, and other areas while allowing public access to various locations.

Small and Medium Size Businesses

key card entry system for business and access control systems help more than just big companies with thousands of employees. Access control systems can help both small and medium-sized businesses. Access control is scalable, so small firms can discover solutions that are appropriate for their size and budget.

Access Control System Installation by Keyenzy Experts

Do you need an access control system installation but don’t know where to begin? Keyenzy connects you with expert locksmiths to install a secure access control system for your office, hospital, or any building. Imagine effortless entry, enhanced security, and peace of mind.

Our network of 5,000+ locksmiths in India ensures you get the service you need, exactly when you need it. Ready to upgrade? Fill out our quick form and we'll connect you with a qualified access control installer in minutes.

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