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5 Things You Can Do to Help a Child or Pet in a Locked Car


Pragya ChauhanPragya ChauhanJun 05, 2024

Have you ever witnessed a child or pet locked in a hot car? It's a scenario that evokes a surge of shock and anger.  Perhaps you've even accidentally found yourself in such a situation.  Regardless of the cause, this situation can be incredibly dangerous.

Just like greenhouses trap heat, our vehicles do the same under the sun's rays. Even on seemingly mild days with outside temperatures in the 60s, car interiors can rapidly rise to life-threatening levels.

So, what can you do if you encounter a locked car with a child or animal? Here are 5 quick actions you can take to intervene and potentially save a life.  We'll also explore some practical tips to prevent car lockouts from happening in the first place.

Steps For Handling A Situation Where Children Or Animals Are Locked In The Car

Pet locked in a car

  1. Call for Help Immediately: This is the most important step. If you’re in India and facing a car door locked situation, immediately dial 100 for the police or 112 for emergency services. Explain the situation and provide your exact location. Also, emergency key unlocks near me experts are trained to handle these situations and will arrive with the right tools and expertise to get your child out safely. 

  2. Look for Ways to Get In: If you can't wait for help to arrive and the locked car situation seems life-threatening (due to extreme heat or cold),  check for unlocked doors or windows. Do not attempt to break a window unless absolutely necessary, as this can cause injury.

  3. Try to Cool the Car Down: If the weather is hot,  shade the car if possible and try to cool it down with whatever is available. You could use towels or blankets soaked in cool water to place on the windows.

  4. Distract and Monitor Your Child: While waiting for help,  keep your child calm by talking to them through a window or door.  Monitor their breathing and alertness for any signs of distress.

  5. Prevent Future Occurrences: Once the situation is resolved,  take steps to prevent it from happening again. Invest in a window breaker tool or consider using pool noodles or zip ties as makeshift tools (important note:  advise against using pool noodles or zip ties as primary window breakers; they may not be effective and could cause injury).  Develop a system to ensure you never leave your child unattended in the car, such as placing your phone or wallet in the back seat with them.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can prevent locked out of your car:

Practical Tips to Prevent Car Lockouts

As the saying goes, 'It's better to be safe than sorry,' especially when it comes to avoiding unexpected locked cars. By developing habits and leveraging technology, you can effectively steer clear of these frustrating incidents. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you evade lockout troubles.

Child locked in a car

  • Use Smart Reminders: Use technology reminders. Today technology can send alerts to your phone if you forget your car keys in the car or notify you if your vehicle is left unlocked.

  • Keep a Spare Key: One of the simple and most effective ways to avoid getting locked out is to have a spare key. Keep it in your wallet or bag, in a safe place, or give it to someone you trust.

  • Routine Checks: Check your pockets routinely before shutting any car doors to make sure you have your vehicle keys with you.

  • Upgrade to Smart Locks: If your car model permits it, consider upgrading to smart locks. Smart locks that can be controlled through your smartphone are worth considering. Many new cars today come with advanced systems that prevent locking the doors when the key is still inside the vehicle.

Following these tips and being mindful of where your keys are or having a backup plan in place can simplify things for you and help avoid any mishaps.

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How Can Mobile Locksmiths Help You During Locked Car Emergencies

Mobile locksmiths play a vital role in resolving car-locked emergencies, especially when children or pets are involved. These professionals are fast to respond, reducing the time vulnerable passengers spend alone in a car. They often come with the right tools and can unlock your car safely without causing any damage. As emergencies can happen unexpectedly, it's crucial to have access to a locksmith service that's 24/7.

At Keyenzy, we understand how urgent and sensitive locked car situations can be. That's why we offer around-the-clock car unlock services designed to help you efficiently. Whether you find yourself locked out in the morning or late at night, our auto locksmiths are always ready to assist with a phone call. Contact us today to find out how we can actually help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What to do if you see a cat locked in a car?

Ans. If you see a car locked in a car, immediately call emergency services. Dial 100 for police and 112 for emergencies. Aside from this, if possible, move the car to a shaded area, and don’t try to break a window unless necessary. Focus on getting help from authorities first.

Q. What do you do if the baby gets locked in the car?

Ans. Immediately call emergency services (100 or 112) and explain the situation.  If you must break a window, target a small corner furthest from the child.

Q. How long can an animal survive in a hot car?

Ans. It varies depending on factors like weather and animal type, but even short periods can be fatal. Don't wait to see signs of distress – act quickly.

Q. Can you break a window to save a dog locked in a car?

Ans. As a last resort, yes. But prioritize calling emergency services first.  If breaking a window, aim for a small corner furthest from the dog.

Q. How to open a car door lock without a key?

Ans. It's recommended to refrain from attempting this yourself.  Call a locksmith professional or roadside assistance to avoid damaging the car.