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Everything you need to know about Laser Key-cutting Machine


Pragya ChauhanPragya ChauhanMay 20, 2024

Keeping your car safe is a top priority. Traditional key-cutting methods, while reliable, may not offer the best defense against modern threats.

Today many locksmiths use laser key-cutting machines to create high-security laser-cut keys, offering unparalleled precision and enhanced protection for your vehicle.

Whether you're a locksmith looking to expand your service offerings or a car owner interested in the latest security advancements, this blog will be your key to understanding laser key-cutting technology.

Below, we’ll explore how these machines work, their benefits compared to traditional methods, and how locksmiths utilize them to create these advanced keys.

What is a Laser-Key Cutting Machine?

A laser key-cutting machine is a type of key-cutting machine that uses a laser beam to cut keys instead of a physical cutting wheel or blade. They are known for their high precision and ability to cut designs found on modern vital types.

Laser-Key Cutting Machine

This advanced machine is especially suitable for modern high-security car keys with intricate cuts on the sides of the key in addition to the teeth. Laser key-cutting machines are a more advanced and precise option for locksmiths and key-cutting businesses.

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How Does a Laser Key Cutting Machine Work?

As mentioned earlier, the basic principle of key laser cutting is to use a laser beam to cut the key. The laser beam is focused on the black key, heating the metal and starting to melt.

Then, the molten metal is ejected from the key blank, which forms the key's teeth. The laser beam is moved along the length of the key blank, which causes it to be cut into shape. The speed at which the laser beam moves along the key blank decides the accuracy of the key cut.

Why Laser Key Cutting Machines Are Better than Others

Laser key-cutting machines are better than traditional ones because they are more accurate and can make more precise cuts. They are also faster and can cut through harder materials.

Why Laser Key Cutting Machines Are Better than Others

Also, key laser-cutting machines are more reliable and less likely to break down. They also require less maintenance than traditional types of key cutters.

All these factors combined make laser-based key-cutting machines the preferred choice for businesses that need to cut keys regularly, such as car dealerships and locksmiths.

Here are some benefits of choosing laser-cut keys for your vehicles, home, or offices:

1. Enhanced Security

Laser-cut keys created through a laser key cutter are unique and often difficult to duplicate. The intricate patterns and complex cuts make it nearly impossible for an unauthorized person to replicate without special equipment.  This feature adds extra security to your vehicle, home, and business. You can rest assured that your keys protect against theft or break-ins.

2. Reduced Lock Picking Risk

The distinctive design of laser-cut keys requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians to replicate. Thus, unlike the traditional keys, the complexity of laser-cut keys makes it challenging for unauthorized access. This means that it is difficult for thieves or intruders to duplicate your key without authorization.

3. Precise Creation

A laser key-cutting machine precisely creates laser-cut keys. Each feature of your car key is made with great care. A computer-aided system cut the intricate patterns on this type of key. This ensures that every detail is accurate, leaving no room for error.

4. Unique Cut Pattern

The key's cut pattern significantly impacts its functionality. Traditional car keys often have the same key patterns for many car models. On the other hand, laser-cut keys have a unique pattern for each car. These unique cut patterns make it challenging for thieves to duplicate a laser-cut key or pick the lock.

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How Locksmiths Cut Keys Using Laser Key-Cutting Machine

Laser key-cutting machines offer more than enhanced security. The blade design makes sidewinder keys stronger and more reliable than your traditional metal “blank key.” The laser key cuts are produced to last, offering increased reliability overall.

Laser Key-Cutting Machine

If you’re looking for a new transponder key cut, all you need to do is bring it to your local auto locksmith shop. They often have an advanced laser cutter to cut any high-security blade for you. When you choose a laser key cutting near me and find a professional who cuts sidewinder keys in the shop, you will usually go through 3 steps, which are listed below:

1. Decoding the original blade

The first step in cutting a laser key is to get the original cut out, or, as the locksmith calls it, "Key code." This is a critical step in the key-cutting process and can be accomplished either by a skilled locksmith's keen eye, by retrieving the code from an external source, or with the help of a specialized sidewinder key-cutting machine. The machine uses a tracer to decode the existing pattern of the key.

2. Calibrating the Key-Cutting Machine

Once the locksmith has successfully decoded the key, the next step is to carefully configure the key-cutting machine to match the specific vehicle manufacturer and key profile. This step is important to ensure a perfect laser key duplication. If the professional skips this step, the machine can result in a poorly cut key or even damage the cutting equipment.

3. Cut the blade, and laser key cutting is done!

After the auto locksmith has set up the laser cutting machine to the right profile, all that remains is cutting the new blade. If the device is set up properly, it will cut through in less than 5 minutes. Now, you can finally enjoy the benefits of your newly cut blades for your remote car key.

In short, if you need key cutting, the technician you’ll hire will do it in three steps:

  • He’ll decode the cuts of the existing key fob.
  • He’ll set the key-cutting machine to the proper essential black.
  • He’ll cut the blade according to the reductions decoded earlier.


If you are looking to invest in the aesthetics of your keys or you simply count among those who frequently misplace their keys, investing in a laser-cut key might be a good idea. With a laser key-cutting machine, you can even imprint your preferred design or logo on your key and make it pop up quickly.

Also, if you wish to add more durability to your key with top-quality hardened steel that can withstand heavy use, a laser-cut key is just the right solution. At last, laser-cut keys made with advanced key-cutting machines add a layer of security to your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the purpose of a laser cutting machine?

Ans. Laser cutters are machines that use a focused laser beam to precisely cut a variety of materials.  They're like super-powered laser scissors. One of their applications is creating high-security laser-cut keys.

Q. How does a laser-cut key work?

Ans. Laser-cut keys are different from regular keys. Instead of teeth on the side, they have intricate grooves burned into the center of the blade by a laser.  These grooves precisely match the lock's insides, allowing it to turn and unlock.  Many car laser-cut keys also have a transponder chip in the head. This chip communicates with the car's security system to allow it to start.

Q. Can laser-cut keys be copied?

Ans. Copying laser-cut keys is trickier than regular keys. The complex design is harder to replicate, and specialized laser-cutting machines are less common.  For car keys with chips, simply copying the metal won't work - the chip also needs to be programmed to match the car's security system.

Q. Why are laser-cut keys so expensive?

Ans. Laser cutting machines are more expensive than traditional key cutters, and the process itself can be slower.  If the key has a transponder chip, the chip and programming add to the cost.

Q. How do you know if a key is laser-cut?

Ans. You can find out if a key is a laser cut by looking at the key design. Laser-cut keys have grooves in the center, not teeth on the side like regular keys.  Some car laser-cut keys also have a small embedded chip in the head. If you're unsure, a locksmith can confirm the type of key.