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What are the Advantages of Re-Keying Your Car Locks


Pragya ChauhanPragya ChauhanJun 10, 2024

Owning a car, whether a reliable daily driver or a treasured classic, comes with the responsibility of keeping it secure. One often overlooked yet crucial aspect of car security is your lock system.

While alarms and security systems deter break-ins, a compromised lock can leave your car vulnerable. Re-keying your car locks offers a surprisingly effective and affordable way to strengthen your vehicle's security. From what rekeying is to how to choose a reputable re-keying service provider, let’s understand everything below!

What is Re-keying for car locks?

Car keys are designed and programmed to access a specific vehicle, so replacing one if lost or broken becomes difficult. Still, you’ll need to rekey your car locks to accept a new set of keys. Rekeying car locks involves changing the internal mechanism of a lock.

These components including disks, wafers, and sliders are moved to be compatible with a new key. This technique eliminates the need for complete lock replacement and renders to prior key worthless. There are many reasons why you might need to rekey car locks, the most common are:

  • Keys were misplaced
  • Broken keys
  • Keys are stolen

Why is Re-keying Important?

The main difference between a lock rekey and changing your locks or lock replacement is that rekeying locks restores your existing hardware while changing your locks indicates you wish to replace your hardware.


A lock rekey is when a locksmith adjusts the pins in the door itself so that the primary keys no longer operate. Rekeying car locks is often less expensive than replacing them entirely.

A lock rekey is best if you want your present lock system and want a low-cost safety option. Rekeying is a simple way to keep your car safe and secure at home and the workplace. A full-service locksmith can also rekey home locks, office locks, and even vaults and safes.

Benefits of Re-Keying Your Car Locks

Lock rekeying is readjusting a locking mechanism to adapt functionally to a different key. This method provides greater security while being cost-effective due to the current locking mechanism. Let’s understand these benefits in more detail:

Cost efficient:

Whether you need your car lock rekeyed or residential rekey for locks of your home door, a lock rekeying service is less expensive than a complete lock replacement. The primary aspect of re-keying is replacing the current pins with new ones. The key pins are cheap; the total payment is made for labor.

Peace of Mind:

The most significant advantage of rekeying is peace of mind. With enhanced security measures, you can be sure that no other keys operate on your door except yours. On the other hand, if you choose a complete replacement of your locking, it might provide enhanced security features at a higher cost; a lock replacement service charges not just for the technician but also for the new lock systems.

The most crucial reason for rekeying your car locks is security. It’s less costly and faster than changing the entire lock. Rekeying your car, rather than replacing the lock hardware, will save you a lot of money. Rekey car locks are also much faster than removing the old lock and installing a new one.

Losing your keys is an apparent reason for changing your safety and making new keys. However, it’s also appropriate when purchasing a second-hand automobile. Always think about considering re-keying car locks. If you buy a second-hand car, someone else may still have a duplicate key to your automobile. Rekeying ensures that your car is yours and yours alone.

When Should You Rekey Your Car Locks?

If you've lost both your primary key and your spare, the automotive rekey is the only way to keep it operational. Similarly, if you suspect your keys have been taken, rekey the car locks as quickly as possible.  This will prevent a significant inconvenience and potentially a dangerous situation. Here are some other conditions to consider rekeying your car locks:

When Should You Rekey Your Car Locks

  • Buying a Used Car: When you buy a used car, you cannot know how many spare keys might be floating around. Re-keying the locks eliminates any potential security risks associated with unknown keys.

  • Moving In With Someone New: Emergency rekeying for your car locks can be a wise precaution if you're moving in with a roommate or significant other. It ensures that only authorized individuals have access to your vehicle.

  • Damaged Key:  Replacing a broken key might seem like the obvious solution, but it can be expensive. Rekeying the locks is often a more cost-effective option, especially if the damage is significant.

  • Multiple Drivers, One Set of Keys: If you share your car with others but only have one set of keys, rekeying allows you to create additional copies for each driver without compromising security.

  • Warning Signs of Wear and Tear:  Car locks experience wear and tear over time, like any mechanical device. Signs that your locks might need attention include difficulty inserting or turning the key or a loose or wobbly feeling in the lock cylinder. Re-keying can address these issues and prevent future lockouts.

  • Peace of Mind: Rekeying your car locks can provide valuable peace of mind even if you haven't lost your keys or suspect theft.  Knowing that unauthorized keys cannot access your vehicle offers security, especially if you park your car in unfamiliar areas or for extended periods.

Rekeying your car locks is a relatively simple and affordable procedure compared to replacing the entire lock system. It offers significant security benefits and peace of mind, especially in the situations mentioned above.


Selecting a Reliable Auto Locksmith Service for Vehicle Re-Keying

Choosing a reliable service provider for your auto rekeying needs is crucial. Working with reputable and licensed professionals ensures a smooth experience and a successful outcome. To find the right partner you can start by conducting thorough research. Look for an automotive locksmith with positive reviews, high ratings, and a strong presence in your community.

Reputable locksmith companies often have transparent pricing, positive customer reviews, and the credibility to handle your vehicle make and model. It's also best to ask about their experience with car lock rekeying. It will give you insight into their expertise and commitment to customer service.

But if you’re searching for an auto locksmith in any city in India who can help you with emergency rekey or other locksmith services, contact Keyenzy! We are a destination for complete locksmith services, helping you connect with a key maker or locksmith near you within a few minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does lock rekeying work?

Ans. Lock rekeying involves changing the internal pins of a lock so a new key can operate it. The old key will no longer work. A locksmith disassembles the lock, replaces the pins, and reassembles it - all without needing to replace the entire lock system.

Q. Can car locks be rekeyed?

Ans. Yes, car locks can be rekeyed! It's a common and affordable way to ensure only authorized keys open your car. A locksmith can rekey most car door and ignition locks.

Q. Is it better to rekey or replace the locks?

Ans. Rekeying is better than replacing if the lock itself functions well. It's faster, cheaper, and uses your existing hardware. Rekeying is ideal if you lose a key or want to consolidate keys for multiple locks. Replace if the lock is damaged, outdated, or offers insufficient security.

Q. What is the purpose of rekeying?

Ans. Rekeying changes the internal mechanism to require a new key. This enhances security by rendering old keys useless and preventing unauthorized access.

Q. Is rekeying a lock safe?

Ans. Yes, rekeying is a safe way to improve security.  A professional locksmith uses proper techniques to maintain the lock's integrity.

Q. How many times can you rekey a lock?

Ans. There's no set limit, but with each rekey, the number of possible key combinations might decrease.  Most locks can be rekeyed multiple times without affecting functionality.

Q. How long does rekeying take?

Ans. Rekeying typically takes 10-30 minutes per lock by a professional.  This can vary depending on the lock type and complexity.

Q. Can anyone rekey your door?

Ans. It's best to have a locksmith rekey your door. They have the expertise and tools to ensure a proper rekey without damaging the lock.  While DIY kits exist, they can be tricky and could lead to lock malfunctions.